Robbie Previtte

Being Fully Human Memoir by Michael Usey September 9, 2010 Why are we humans here? Well, one good answer is from the Westminster catechism: What is the chief purpose of humans? The purpose for humans is to glorify God and READ MORE

Joan Stevens Ferris

Every Good Gift: Joan Stevens Ferris Michael Usey August 4, 2010 When Joan Stevens Ferris passed away this past Sunday night, she had a couple of bible passages marked in her devotional book by her bedside. The one I found READ MORE

Mitzi Rice

Playing with Fire: A Memoir for Capt. Mitzi Rice Memoir by Michael Usey March 6, 2010 My first experience with Mitzi was through her reputation. One of my sons came home from Sternberger Elementary when he was in first grade READ MORE