Fun, Food & Fellowship Movie Night – Friday, April 20

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Alice Stewart, Charlie Wilson, and Lexi and John Eagles invite you to a potluck dinner and “movie night” on Friday, April 20, at Alice and Charlie’s house. We will be watching “The Mission,” an Academy Award winning epic film by Robert Bolt who also wrote Lawrence of Arabia, A Man for All Seasons, and Dr. Zhivago. Alice and Charlie live at 21 Piccadilly Circle (British Woods off Battleground Ave). Come around 6:00 pm and bring a dish to share. We will eat together, watch the film, and then talk about ways it moved and challenged us. RSVP desired but not required.  Call Lexi at 336-854-8823 or email her at

The Mission: Jesuit priest Father Gabriel (Jeremy Irons) enters South American lands with the purpose of converting the natives to Christianity. He soon builds a mission, where he is joined by Rodrigo Mendoza (Robert De Niro), a reformed slave trader seeking redemption. When a treaty transfers the land from Spain to Portugal, the Portuguese government wants to capture the natives for slave labor. Mendoza and Gabriel resolve to defend the mission, but disagree on how to accomplish the task.