Table for 7 – 2018

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Get better acquainted with other College Park adults.

Table for 7 is a small-group dining experience that helps you get to know other College Park members and visitors. When you sign up, you (or you and your significant other) will be assigned to a group with 5 or 6 other people. Members of the group pick a place and time to meet (usually for a meal) at least once during that quarter, though hopefully you’ll find time to meet a few times. This is an adult event so if you need a babysitter and don’t already have one, please talk to Lin Story-Bunce about recommending some of our youth to help you out.  Sign up until the end of January.  Meet ups will start mid February and continue for the next 3 months.  Communication will be by EMAIL so please check often.


Table for 7 is a small-group dining experience that helps College Park adults get to know each other better.  Here’s how it works:

  • Sign-up to participate. If you’re part of a couple and want to participate as a couple, indicate that when you sign up.
  • You (or you and your significant other) will be placed in a group with 5 or 6 other people.
  • Group members agree to meet for a meal or dessert at least once during the next 3 months, though hopefully you’ll get together more often.
  • The first person listed in each group will coordinate your meetings.
  • You can have a potluck meal in someone’s home, meet in a restaurant, just have dessert, whatever your group decides. The important thing is to meet somewhere that lets you talk and get to know each other better.
  • If you choose to eat in a restaurant, please keep it inexpensive so as not to exclude anyone who doesn’t have a big dining out budget.
  • If you sign up to participate, please be willing to make this commitment. (If you’re so busy right now that you’d have a hard time coordinating a meal date with several other people, please wait til your life slows down a bit and sign up next time Table for 7 comes around.)
  • Table for 7 is for adults only. People with young children will need to make childcare arrangements.  If you need a great babysitter, please contact Lin Story-Bunce for a recommendation among our youth.
  • You do NOT have to be a member of College Park to participate. Visitors and friends are welcome. You can also bring a friend who has not signed up, as long as others in your group don’t mind. (We don’t want to create a problem if your group has chosen to meet in someone’s home.)

Sign-ups will run through the end of January.  You will receive your group assignment by mid February.  Communication will be by EMAIL so check often please.  Laurey Solomon is putting this together but she will be traveling most of January and will be unable to address questions so hopefully sign-ups will go smoothly.

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