Summer Bible Study – Wednesday Nights 6:30 pm

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Summer Bible Study will be Wednesday nights beginning June 7th at 6:30 pm, the Usey’s home, 111 W. Keeling Rd., Greensboro. The book we will be studying is “On Tyranny.” A mere 100-page booklet   written recently by Yale History professor Timothy Snyder is meant to be read by small groups in and out of church. We’ll meet to read and discuss it. The booklet is broken into 20 short, easy to read chapters, comprised of suggestions, such as “Listen for Dangerous Words,” “Establish a Private Life,” and “Learn from Peers in Other Countries.” Many are anxious over our country these days and CP has decided to be proactive in addressing this communal anxiety. Let’s gather weekly, those who can, and consider positive, well-researched suggestions rather than devolving as many do lately, in handwringing or venting. We will end with prayer and a commitment not to devolve into bitterness or cynicism. Communal encouragement and prayer are what the church should offer and  bolster, so we will seek to uphold each other with an uplifting benediction.

Volunteers are needed to provide snacks each week. Please go to this Signup Genius link to signup.